Excavator Slewing bearing with external gear

Excavator Slewing bearing with external gear

Swing circle /Swing bearing/Swing gear for Komatsu/Hitachi/Kobelco/Volvo/Hyundai/Doosan

and other brands.


1)Slewing rings are usually used for low revolution while shaking and strained with an enormous axial force, moment and in some parts with radial force simultaneously.

2) Mainly Products

1. ?Four-point contact ball slewing ring?

2. ?crossed roller slewing ring?

3. ?Double-row ball slewing ring?

4. ?Three-row roller slewing ring?

5.? Light Flanged Slewing Ring?

6.? Trailer Turntable?


3)Consequently the requirements for loading are stricter than ordinary bearings. If the selection of the bearing has been wrong it will cause a great damage. Hence it is necessary to evaluate the exact forces acting on the slewing ring and to select the suitable slewing ring.


4) Application:

Construction Machinery (Cranes, Excavators, Loader, Scraper)

Heavy Equipments ( Mining equipment, Marine equipment)

packing machinery

metallurgical machinery

Wind power Field

Military products.


5) Material: 50Mn,42CrMo or 42CrMo4v


?Warmly welcome your inquiry!

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